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Hot Check Division

If you are the victim of a hot check

Dear Merchant:

The purpose of this information is to aid you and assure you that this office will do everything possible to reduce the number of Hot Checks and the losses caused by them. Remember, Hot Checks can be controlled only with your help. If you are a merchant who needs to collect on “Hot Checks”, please call Lisa Ingram, Hot Check Coordinator, at the phone number above to obtain the information and/or documents necessary to complete the process.

Hopefully, this page will explain the importance of your role in getting the necessary information to enable this office to control the check problem and get you the restitution you deserve.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact our hot check coordinator. We will be glad to help in any way.

The following checks usually will not be prosecuted as HOT CHECKS:

  • A post dated check
  • A stop-payment check
  • A two-party check
  • A check more than a year old
  • A check for which partial payment has been received
  • A check given in exchange for a returned check
  • A check which does not identify who accepted it
  • A check received in the mail
  • A check not presented to the bank within 30 days of issuance

You can download the hot check affidavit by clicking the button on the left. After you fill out the form before a notary, you can mail it or bring it to our office along with the check that was returned to you by your financial institution.


Do you owe money for a hot check?

If you are unable to come to our office to pay with cash or money order, payment in full can be accepted online provided that a warrant has not issued. Please visit https://www.ark.org/hotcheck/ to make payment in full online. Make sure you select Craighead County from the drop down menu (it is the first selection on this website). You will need the ID number that is included in the letter you receive from our office. The full amount due must be paid.

NOTE: If the full amount is different from what is noted in your letter, it is possible that more checks have been turned over.