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Mental Commitments

Arkansas law gives the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office the responsibility to assist those suffering from severe mental illness and/or substance abuse. ‎ If you have a loved-one in Craighead County whose mental illness represents a clear and present danger to themselves or others, or who may be addicted to alcohol/drugs, contact our office at (870) 972-4779 to request assistance for an involuntary commitment. We can explain the process and what to expect going forward. We can also help with resources and counseling to help you through this difficult situation.

Admission Criteria

Involuntary Admission Criteria for Mental Illness: A person shall be eligible for involuntary admission if he or she is in such a mental condition as a result of mental illness, disease, or disorder that he or she poses a clear and present danger to himself/herself or others.

Involuntary Admission Criteria for Substance/Alcohol Abuse: A person shall be eligible for involuntary admission if he or she is addicted to alcohol or drugs and poses a significant risk of physical harm to others, as manifested by recent overt behavior evidencing homicidal or other violent assaultive tendencies.

The criteria for both of the above must be at an emergency level and will be reviewed by a circuit court judge for approval.